What You Need To Know


*This association shall be known as PENN-MAR VINTAGE RACE CAR CLUB, INC with its headquarters in South Eastern Pennsylvania. The governing body shall consist of five board members (President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer, Public Relations and Safety Tech), who will volunteer to serve at least a two year term starting after the completion of racing every even year (i.e. 2020, 2022).

All affairs will be decided at the discretion of the board, with consideration of members input. A board member may resign at any time with written notice to other board members.

*Qualifications to be a board member - must have been a member of the club for no less than two years, consecutively. Your membership must be in good standing with the club and you must attend at least 75% of the events for each year.

*A board member may lose their status if membership dues are not paid, car does not meet club rules or if they engage in unsportsmanlike conduct.

*Membership Dues - shall be $30.00 annually paid in full before a member can race with the Club. No refunds will be issued upon leaving, suspension, expulsion or any other condition from PENN-MAR VINTAGE RACE CAR CLUB, INC. All membership is board approval based.

An associate member will be available for $10.00. An associate member will not be able to vote or drive.

If there is a new driver that wants to race but not yet certain that they want to join the Club, there is a $10.00 Temporary membership and form to complete. If you are then interested in joining they must pay the remaining $20.00 at their next event, equaling $30.00.

*All PENN-MAR VINTAGE RACE CAR CLUB, INC monies are to be used for club use only. Any out-of-pocket expenses (approved by the board) pertaining to the Club will be reimbursed upon receipt.

*Drivers of PENN-MAR VINTAGE RACE CAR CLUB, INC must be at least 18 years old to operate any cars in any event.

*All members must sign a liability release form before participating in a PENN-MAR VINTAGE RACE CAR CLUB, INC (bottom of membership form) event.

*The PENN-MAR VINTAGE RACE CAR CLUB, INC will not be liable for any injuries or damages to self or private property of its members at any time.

There is to be NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES or glass bottles of any kind in the pits. This is a zero tolerance rule. If you or any person accompanied with you into the pits are found with alcohol before OR after our events, your membership will be terminated immediately.

Aggressive behavior and unsportsmanlike conduct among Club members, car owner, crew member will results in immediate suspension for a period of time to be determined by the Board.
Any aggressive behavior of any kind must be reported to a board member within thirty (30) minutes of the incident in order to be investigated.

All cars shall be signed in (45) minutes before the start of warm-ups. Any car arriving late will go to the rear of the field for ALL events for that evening.
Line-ups are done by the Club - pulling pills for HEAT ONLY. The driver with the highest pill will start in the rear for the heat, with the lowest pill starting at the front. Each driver will have to pay $10 to pull a pill at each event. This money goes towards the awards throughout the season.

  While lining up, the Modified class will line up in the front of the pack with the Sportsman class lining up behind. 

SPORTSMAN CLASS ONLY RULE: If you win 3 races within the season with 3 or more competitors then you have the following choices: you can then move into the Modified class or install a STOCK 2 bbl carb, if you don't already have one installed.  If you are already using a STOCK 2 bbl carb, then a rev limiter will need to be installed.  If you choose not to add that feature then you will automatically move to the Modified class.


The feature line-up will be done by the finishing order of the heat event. The winner of the feature prior starts in the rear of field for both events the following race they attend. If you are a new driver to the Club, you will start in the rear for both events for the first race that you attend. If you are a driver that raced the previous season, you will start in the rear for HEAT only, for your first race out after the season has started, and your feature position if the finishing position from the heat. If a car cannot make the event, heat or feature, the line will slide up. However, if you fail to line-up in proper order, you will have one warning, upon second offense and thereafter 5 point penalty per offense. If you choose to start in the rear of any event, please notify the secretary prior to the event.

Ten points will be given for showing up at a race event. Ten points will be given for taking the green flag in the Heat and 15 points for the Feature. Finishing order in Heat race is 15 points down by 1 point for each position. Feature points are 30, down by 2 for each position. Points are given to the driver, not the car. A car taking the green flag, crossing start/finish line without assistance, then exits the track, receives last place points.

If a driver brings outs the caution twice during a heat and/or feature, please leave the track immediately and you will receive last place points for that event.

All races are point races. If a rain date is given, points will count. Memorial races are double point races.

Any driver receiving the black flag should immediately report to the pits. The board will review the reasoning for the black flag and make a points determination.
After the start of the race, the flagman had complete charge of the event. Any car that comes to a stop on the track should automatically go to the rear of the entire field, not just the rear of your class. If you don't go to the rear, you will forfeit finishing points for that event.

All cars shall have a number not more than three (3) numerals painted legibly on both sides.

PROTEST - Members may protest any car/driver relating to the general and class rules. All protests must be lodged within 30 minutes of checkered flag by driver or car owner only, to a board member. The board will then investigate the protest. If you are protested and found illegal, you will forfeit all points for that night of racing.

RULE VIOLATION - If a car comes to an event with excessive general/safety rule violations, the car will not be allowed to compete.

INSPECTION - all cars will be inspected once yearly for compliance and subject to spot check throughout the season. When there are rule violations, you will NOT be allowed to participate in ANY event until ALL violations have been corrected and the car reinspected. If you refuse to repair the violations, you will be suspended from the Club. No dues will be returned and you must vacate the pit area.

SAFETY APPAREL - All drivers will wear all necessary safety apparel and seat belts when operating their car on the track. Seat belts will be worn when operating your car in the pit area however not required when loading or unloading.




  • Racing fire suits are mandatory and approved helmets (2015 Snell or newer with a SA rating) are also mandatory.

  • Flame resistant underwear and neck brace are recommended, however, shoes and gloves are mandatory. Head restraints are recommended

  • Arm restraints on both arms and/or window nets in driver's window are mandatory.

  • Shoulder harness and seat belts cannot be over five (5) years old.

  • Roll bar padding is mandatory on any bar that head, legs and arms may hit.

  • Cars must have full hood, with exception for a hole for the air cleaner.

  • Overhead V-8 and 6 cylinder engines, or if using a clutch behind the engine, must use blow-proof bell housing if any part of the bell housing is behind the firewall. Aluminum bell housing is not permitted. Internal transmission/clutch excluded.

  • ALL trailers/tow vehicles must have a 2 and one half pound charge fire extinguisher, which is fully charged and accessible at all times. You may keep one in the car however no longer mandatory.

  • Fuel tank must be securely mounted. Fuel cells are encouraged. It is recommended that a ground strap be used for fuel cell.

  • Cars must be equipped with complete metal firewall between the engine, fuel tank and driver. No over sized or unnecessary holes.

  • Open drive shaft cars must have a safety loop at front half of drive shaft and a steel plate under seat if drive shaft runs below seat. Drive shaft must be painted white.

  • Kill switch must be accessible for driver and painted fluorescent orange and labeled

  • Cars must have a fuel shut off in cockpit and painted fluorescent orange and labeled.

  • Exhaust must be under car or outside frame rails. Exhaust pipes exiting above frame rail must face outward.

  • Cars must be equipped with a padded headrest.

  • Roll cage must be steel or chrome molly tubing and cannot be less than 1.5" O.D.

  • At least 3 door bars 1.5" O.D. must be included in roll cage. Rub rail can be counted as a door bar if rub rail is 1.5" O.D. or larger.

  • Cars must have reinforced running boards or rub rails.

  • Front bumper cannot extend beyond the center of and not past the outside edge of tire and be securely mounted.

  • Fan MUST have a protective shroud.

  • Wire screen with metal framing and cross bars must be used as a windshield. It must be securely fastened with hose clamps or something similar, no plastic ties.

  • Driver's compartments must have a complete floor from the firewall extending back past seat. NO OPEN AREAS

  • Driver's seat must be bolted or welded to the frame or roll cage. Aluminum seat is recommended with double wrap rib protection.

  • Battery must be covered and securely mounted to protect driver and fuel tanks. Battery box is recommended.

  • Must have safety hub or skid plate on right front unless frame cradles axles.

  • Track safety rules supersede ALL Club rules.

  • All drivers must be able to get in and out of cars under his/her own power.


1979 or earlier American made bodies only. Post 1948 bodies must remove front fenders. Bodies must be OEM sheet metal/Aluminum. Must fabricate to stock appearance. May have fiberglass roof. NO sprint car type bodies permitted.
No Mud Bus or Tri-Track cars
If you are building something new, please review details with the board for approval before completing.
The following car was approved prior to the rule change: #41. If there are any questions, please contact the board.


Standard 2 X 4 frame or tube frames. Frame must be within 27" - 29" inside width at rear of roll cage. No Sprint Car Frames


American made car, truck or quick change. Any type shocks permitted, however no cockpit adjustment


You must have an arch or straight front axle. A-frames are not permitted. Coil over setup, Buggy spring, front torsion bar and trailer bar permitted.


No less than 103 inches UNLESS 30 X 90


Cast iron blocks ONLY - any type heads allowed. No dry sump oiling system.


One 2 BBL or one 4 BBL, pump gas fuel or alcohol permitted. NO Superchager or Turbocharger. NO FUEL INJECTION.


Any type distributor ignition and coil.


Standard or Automatic, BERT or BRIM are permitted. ALL CARS MUST SELF START, MUST BE ABLE TO MOVE FORWARD AND IN REVERSE FROM NEUTRAL WHILE RUNNING. Any car needing a push start once on the track MUST start in the rear.


Must be functional on all four wheels. Dual master cylinders are allowed.


Must be held in place with 5 or more fasteners, no dummy studs. Must have a 1/2" diameter wheel stud. Steel or aluminum wheels with or without bead lock are permitted. NO CARBON FIBER WHEELS


No winter tread. Maximum tire width 15 inches. Max tread width 15 inches from last circumference groove to last circumference groove.


Pump gas and alcohol are permitted. If running alcohol, at filler location there must be a "A" labeled.

Interior corn pickers allowed - less than 15" in width

No radios permitted however One Way RaceCeivers are recommended

Mirrors are allowed however if found blocking, you will lose ALL points for the race date and the mirrors will have to be removed. Please be aware some tracks DO NOT ALLOW mirrors.